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Frequently Asked Questions — CoNexus

The USB cable supplied with the CLiKAPAD™ system is very short. Can I replace it with a longer cable?


How do I disable the FIFO buffer on my computer?

Please refer to the CoNexus® Network manual (pages 3-4) for a description of how to disable your FIFO buffer.

Why is CoNexus licensed using a "dongle"?

CoNexus users tend to like to install the software on a range of notebook computers (e.g. those belonging to all members of a facilitation team). The majority of licensing models would mean that a license had to be purchased for each installation — even if the software was used infreqently.

However, a "dongle"-based licensing model means that the software can be installed on as many machnes as the user wishes and activated, as required, by inserting the "dongle" into a notebook's USB port.

CoNexus is a registered trademark of Idea Sciences, Inc.

CLiKAPAD is a trademark of Albert Hall Meetings Limited.