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schoolbenchmarking.com — facilitating school improvement


Across the country, school performance is often lower than acceptable. For some schools, making improvement has proved an intractable challenge. We know that school improvement teams are working hard. We also know that these teams need additional tools and resources.

Improvement planning involves setting explicit targets, identifying strategies to achieve those targets and allocating resources to implement the improvement strategies. schoolbenchmarking.com™ (building on the the powerful Frontier Analyst® benchmarking engine) provides tools and resources to help complete these tasks.

Our users can find benchmark (or best-in-class) schools that act as models to help school improvement teams:

  • set and justify aggressive improvement targets for their schools;
  • identify the programs, strategies and practices necessary to achieve those targets; and
  • allocate available resources to implement improvement strategies and achieve their targets.

Identification of the best-in-class, or benchmark, performer is prerequisite to any effective and efficient search for best practices. schoolbenchmarking.com™ ensures that:

  • schools seeking best practices are matched with the highest performing schools with similar demographic characteristics; and
  • investments in research to identify best practices get the highest return on their investment by seeking best practices at schools delivering sustained, best-in-class performance.

Idea Sciences has developed this service in collaboration with Prism Decision Systems.

For more information, please visit schoolbenchmarking.com.

schoolbenchmarking.com is a trademark of Prism Decision Systems, LLC and Idea Sciences, Inc.

Frontier Analyst is a registered trademark of Banxia Software Limited.