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Product overview

Idea Sciences' product line is based on tried and tested scientific research in the area of decision-making. Sophisticated theory is encapsulated in software to make it accessible to a wide range of organizations.

Our tools emphasize interaction and data visualization to uncover the assumptions underlying a decision — leading to better decisions. Through automation of formal decision-making processes, wider participation is encouraged — leading to greater cooperation and coordination during subsequent implementation phases.

Iterative decision making

Decision-making processEvery tool we sell is designed to address a specific type of problem — we do not believe in the "one size fits all" approach. However, all the tools subscribe to a particular philosophy — iterative decision making.

In iterative decision-making, decision-makers are not required to "get it right" the first time. They specify the situation as it is currently understood — no matter how tentative — and utilize decision support tools to identify gaps and errors in this understanding. The frameworks and processes embodied in the tools challenge and extend the decision makers thinking. The decision maker (and colleagues) collaborate with the software to produce better decisions.


Idea Sciences offers the following products to enhance organizational decision-making.

CoNexus logoCoNexus® allows groups to participate in a range of decision-making situations through the use of electronic voting.

The CoNexus Creative Strategic Thinking process provides a rigorous framework for identifying decision options and building consensus around a plan of action.

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Confrontation Manager logoConfrontation Manager™ helps you to persuade others to want what you want.

Using the science of Confrontation Management™, Confrontation Manager allows you to model interactions between organizations (or individuals) and develop plans to persuade others that your position is in everyone's best interest.

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Decision Explorer logoDecision Explorer® supports the development of organizational strategy via "cause and effect" modeling.

Not to be confused with "mind mapping" tools, Decision Explorer provides a range of graph-theoretic analysis options that supports the identification and development of strategic options in situations where decision-makers find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer complexity of the opportunities and challenges facing their organizations.

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Feedback Solutions logoFeedback Solutions™ ensures sensitive feedback is accorded the privacy it demands. E-mails and web form submissions are anonymized before being passed on for processing.

Without a third-party solution, such as Feedback Solutions, it is virtually impossible to guarantee privacy to employees, suppliers, etc. in confidential feedback programs.

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Frontier Analyst logoFrontier Analyst® identifies opportunities for performance improvement within your organization. Based on a mathematical approach known as Frontier Analysis/data envelopment analysis (DEA), it benchmarks existing organizational "decision making units" (e.g. branches, schools, routes) against observed best practice.

Unlike "traditional" performance measure devices (such as performance ratios), Frontier Analysis determines overall performance based on multiple goals and constraints.

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Impact Explorer logoImpact Explorer™ promotes collaborative decision-making through the use of electronic voting technology combined with a range of data collection and visualization tools.

When used in conjunction with Decision Explorer, Impact Explorer allows multiple stakeholders to participate directly in the organization planning process.

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schoolbenchmarking.com logoschoolbenchmarking.com™ identifies benchmark, or best-in-class, schools that can be used to drive state-wide school improvement plans.

Using Frontier Analyst®, it measures how well a school performs across a variety of achievement indicators versus the level of resources it consumes and/or the challenges it faces. Schools that lead the way in their ability to produce results given their resource consumption and challenges are identified as benchmark schools. Other schools are matched against customized sets of these benchmark schools, allowing the identification of best practices that suit a school's individual needs.

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