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Impact Explorer screenshots

The following screenshots illustrate some of the major features of Impact Explorer®.

Meeting agenda

Impact Explorer agenda

The meeting agenda allows you to design and execute your entire workshop from a convenient, central location.

Agenda items

Impact Explorer agenda items

A range of items can be included in the agenda, including assessment activities, breaks and links to content in other applications (such as Microsoft Powerpoint®).

Agenda wizards

Impact Explorer agenda wizard

Powerful wizards guide you through the process of creating agenda items to address specific issues.

List manager

Impact Explorer list manager

The list manager is used to organize questions and answers. It allows common questions (e.g. demographic questions) to be reused across different workshops.

Spell checker

Impact Explorer spell checker

Integrated spell checker prevents embarrassing mistakes finding their way into a public presentation.

Keypad registration

Impact Explorer keypad setup

Keypads are registered electronically — no need to enter IDs manually.

Participant voting

Voting with Impact Explorer

Fonts in public voting displays are sized to make maximum use of screen "real estate".

Custom background

Customising the background using Impact Explorer

Public voting displays can be customized to reflect your own brand.


Displaying results in a bar chart using Impact Explorer

Results can be displayed as bar charts,...

Displaying results in a pie chart using Impact Explorer

...pie charts or....

Displaying results in a matrix using Impact Explorer

...more complex representations, such as color-coded matrix displays.

Demographic filtering

Filtering on demographic categories using Impact Explorer

Demographic filtering allows results to be subdivided based on the attributes of the participants (e.g. gender).

Report generation

Impact Explorer report generator

Entire workshops can be automatically exported to Microsoft Word® for inclusion in a final report.

Detailed help

Impact Explorer help

Comprehensive help system describes all aspects of Impact Explorer.

Impact Explorer is a trademark of Banxia Software Limited.

Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Word are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.