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Impact Explorer features

Impact Explorer™ boasts a range of features designed to support the participation of wider stakeholder groups in decision-making.


Impact Explorer supports four major activities:

  • Question & Answer. Gather opinions using a multiple choice format. Each question can have up to ten potential answers. This supports "Yes/No" questions, quizzes, etc.
  • Voting. Rate a number of items using a common scale — e.g. rate cars on a scale of 1-5. Scales can be customized and contain up to ten points.
  • Ranking. Rank items according to your first, second and/or third choice. The overall rank assigned to the item is a weighted combination of the individual rankings.
  • Matrix. Score items on two dimensions and display the results using a "scatter plot". The scales can be customized or you can used pre-defined models — e.g. Probability/Impact scales to assess risk.

User interface features

Impact Explorer provides users with the following features:

  • Impact Explorer can be customized using your own color scheme or logos/images.
  • "Drag and drop" facilities and detailed wizards significantly reduce the learning (and re-learning) curve.
  • Powerful meeting agenda provides a central management point for entire workshops/meetings.
  • Question lists can be stored and reused across multiple workshops/meetings.
  • "Master Keypad" option allows Impact Explorer and Microsoft Powerpoint® to be controlled remotely via a spare keypad.
  • Data can be transferred between Impact Explorer and other packages, such as Microsoft Office® and Decision Explorer®.
  • Automated report generator exports results to Microsoft Word®.

Package contents

Impact Explorer is supplied with:

  • CD containing Impact Explorer software for Microsoft Windows®.
  • Printed manual.

If Impact Explorer is purchased with a voting system, the following items are also supplied:

  • Wireless (radio frequency) voting keypads (number of keypads depends on package purchased).
  • USB transceiver (and cable).
  • Custom carrying case.

Decision Explorer is a registered trademark of Banxia Software Limited.

Impact Explorer is a trademark of Banxia Software Limited.

Microsoft Office, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.