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Frontier Analyst screenshots

The following screenshots illustrate some of the major features of Frontier Analyst®.

Project wizard

Creating a new Frontier Analyst project

Frontier Analyst walks you through the creation of a new Frontier Analysis/data envelopment analysis model.

Data viewer

Frontier Analyst data viewer

The data viewer window is used to manage the base performance data employed in the Frontier Analysis/data envelopment analysis.

Choice of models

Specifying model options in Frontier Analyst

A range of Frontier Analysis/data envelopment analysis model settings are available for those who need to move beyond the default settings. Users can choose to:

  • Minimize inputs or maximize outputs.
  • Assess efficiency against constant or varying returns to scale (CCR or BBC model).
  • Restrict weights.

Efficiency ratings

Frontier Analyst efficiency ratings

Units can be ranked according their efficiency ratings, or alphabetically.

Unit details

Frontier Analyst unit details

Detailed information is available for each unit — including data relating to performance targets, peer comparisons and strategic emphasis.

Summary displays

Frontier Analyst summary display

Summary displays indicate organization-wide challenges and opportunities.

Automated frontier display

Frontier Analyst frontier plot

The automated frontier graph makes it easier to explain the basic concepts of the analysis to managers or clients.

Data export

Exporting data using Frontier Analyst

Detailed technical data can be exported in standard formats for inclusion in other programs, such as Microsoft Excel® or SPSS®.

Report generator

Producing reports with Frontier Analyst

Automated reports can be customized to your "house style" (requires optional "add-in" pack).

Interactive user guide

Getting help on using Frontier Analyst

Interactive user guide helps get you up to speed rapidly.

Modern user interface

Frontier Analyst user interface

Industry-standard user interface accelerates learning and allows you to work more effectively.

Frontier Analyst is a registered trademark of Banxia Holding Limited.

Microsoft Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

SPSS is a registered trademark of SPSS, Inc.