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Frontier Analyst — accelerating performance through benchmarking

Frontier Analyst

Download a free trial version of Frontier Analyst®.

Frontier Analyst is a proven performance measurement tool that provides detailed insights regarding how business units are performing. You can quickly identify and target those critical areas that will have the greatest impact on improved performance.

Unlike other performance measurement tools, Frontier Analyst uses Frontier Analysis/data envelopment analysis, which allows an objective and integrated assessment of performance and the development of strategies to counter identified weaknesses.

Painless, yet powerful

Frontier Analyst's built-in project wizard facilitates inputting data from a variety of sources in just a few easy to follows steps. In the data viewer, users edit and control which business units and variables are included (for “what if” experiments). The graphical display shows you the units’ efficiency scores, details or potential improvements and which units are “best performers” relative to the other units in the analysis.

Detailed and summary reports are provided for all the units. The summary graphs available provide quick insight into where the greatest efficiency gains can be made. You can then drill down to the details.

Frontier Analyst key benefits:

  • Provides a single comprehensive assessment of performance, removing the need for post-analysis priority debates.
  • Focuses on efficiency — performance in turning resources/challenges into results.
  • Evaluates performance against demonstrable success — not arbitrary goals.
  • Determines performance by viewing individual business units in their best possible light.
  • Produces clear improvement targets.

Enterprise capabilities

Frontier Analyst can be integrated into your existing enterprise systems, draw value from your existing databases.

Providing both a COM and SOAP web service interface, you will provide your clients with a fully customized analysis service.

Frontier Analyst key features

  • Powerful visualization facilities that make it easy to interpret, and communicate, large, complex models.
  • Ability to publish data as a customized web/intranet-site with the press of a button.
  • Optional report designer that allows you to create "corporate" report templates, with your own logos and layouts.
  • Ability to share data with Microsoft Windows® applications.

Frontier Analyst is a registered trademark of Banxia Holdings Limited.

Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.