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Frontier Analyst features

Frontier Analyst® boasts a range of features designed to accelerate performance improvement.

Class-leading ease of use

Frontier Analyst brings the power of Frontier Analysis/data envelopment analysis to those who need answers quickly. Simple paste your data into Frontier Analyst's spreadsheet-based data editor and view the results!

While Frontier Analyst supports many advanced analyses, its focus is firmly on getting the results you need with the minimum of effort.

Comprehensive support

Frontier Analyst is backed by e-mail and telephone support — every working day, during office hours. Regular updates are provided to keep pace with operating system and technical developments.

Graphical output

Graphical presentations are used extensively within Frontier Analyst. There is no need to interpret sheet after sheet of numbers. Information available graphically includes:

  • Efficiency score distribution. Histogram shows the efficiency profile of the entire organization.
  • Potential improvements. Bar chart shows improvement targets for each unit.
  • Reference comparison. Bar chart compares each (inefficient) unit against its (efficient) exemplars.
  • Frontier. Scatter plot displays the efficient frontier and, by comparison, the performance of each unit.
  • Correlation. Scatter plot displays the relationship between one variable (input or output) and another.
  • Correlation with efficiency. Scatter plot displays the relationship between a variable (input or output) and efficiency score.
  • Reference set frequency. Bar chart displays the number of inefficient units that reference a given (efficient) exemplars. This tends to identify strong performers.
  • Reference contributions. Identifies the most influential (efficient) exemplars for an inefficient unit.
  • Improvement summary. Provides (organizational) summary graphs that highlight areas most in need of improvement.
  • Cross-efficiency. Area plot that contrasts units against each other to explorer the "robustness" of their efficiency scores.

Package contents

Frontier Analyst is supplied with:

  • CD containing Frontier Analyst software for Microsoft Windows®.
  • PDF manual (printed manuals are available at additional cost).

Frontier Analyst is a registered trademark of Banxia Holdlings Limited.

Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.