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Feedback Solutions — ensuring employee and customer privacy

Organizations thrive on feedback. By not encouraging your customers and employees to tell you where you are going wrong, you are failing to utilize your most valuable intelligence resources.

However, even if your customers and employees would like to comment on their experiences, they may be reluctant to do so due to privacy concerns. We are constantly reminded that our every move in "cyberspace" is recorded and tracked. No matter what assurances an organization provides concerning its collection and analysis of data, there will always be a lingering doubt that privacy may be abused — which directly impacts the volume and quality of feedback received by the organization.

In fact, it is almost impossible for an organization to guarantee this kind of privacy. Feedback will normally be the responsibility of a department such as Human Resources or Customer Services. However, the IT department will (theoretically) have access to all the electronic communications within the organization. Can an employee really be expected to provide potentially career-destroying feedback in such an environment?

Feedback Solutions™ is designed to address this organizational dilemma.

By providing a trusted intermediary between the author and the recipient of the feedback, Feedback Solutions can guarantee privacy. As Feedback Solutions staff have no "stake" in the issues under discussion, your customers and employees are not required to take it on faith that their privacy will be protected. The entire Feedback Solutions business model relies on its discretion — so it is clear to everyone that it is in our own best interest to fanatically pursue this commitment.

How does it work?

An employee (or customer) sends an e-mail to yourcompany@feedbacksolutions.com. Any identifying headers are stripped from the e-mail and the message is tagged with an anonymous ID.

Alternatively, the employee (or customer) enters the message via a (password protected) web form on the Feedback Solutions website. Again, it is tagged with an anonymous ID.


The tagged message is then forwarded to a designated contact within your organization.

For many Feedback Solutions customers, this "one way" communication is sufficient. However, if you need to be able to follow up on feedback, a "two way" service is available.


Using the anonymous tag attached to each message, a response can be sent to the person who provided the initial feedback. As this response is routed through Feedback Solutions, privacy is protected at all times.


Feedback Solutions should be considered by those responsible for:

  • Employee feedback programs
  • Supplier feedback programs
  • Whistle-blowing programs
  • 360° reviews
  • Policing workplace harassment
  • Anti-discrimination programs

Any program that relies on privacy, must be seen to ensure it.


Please contact us if you would like more information about Feedback Solutions, or to arrange a demonstration.

Feedback Solutions is a trademark of Idea Sciences, Inc.