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Decision Explorer screenshots

The following screenshots illustrate some of the major features of Decision Explorer®.

Mapping display

Decision Explorer causal map

Decisions can be visualized as intuitive "cause and effect" diagrams.

"Zoom" in/out of causal map

Zooming in using Decision Explorer

Can "zoom" in and out of the display, allowing Decision Explorer to be used directly during presentations.

Multiple perspectives

Decision Explorer view tabs

Switch between different perspectives in an instant.

Text display

Displaying lists of concepts using Decision Explorer

Switch to "text display" to scan and search concepts.

Custom styles

Decision Explorer styles

Create custom concept and links styles to support different modeling requirements.

Analyze causal maps

Decision Explorer analysis options

Decision Explorer is built around a wide array of analysis facilities.

Concept sets

Decision Explorer sets

Concept sets allow models to be sliced, displayed and analyzed based on a range of user specified categories.

"Sticky" concept notes

Decision Explorer "sticky notes"

Elaborate concepts by placing electronic "sticky notes" on them.

Detailed help

Decision Explorer help

Comprehensive help system describes all aspects of Decision Explorer.

Decision Explorer is a registered trademark of Banxia Software Limited.