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Decision Explorer — mapping your organizational decisions

Decision Explorer

Download a free trial version of Decision Explorer®.

Decision Explorer is a dynamic and proven tool for managing "soft"; information — the thoughts and ideas that surround complex or uncertain situations.

It's straightforward and easy to use — but don't underestimate its underlying power.

After brainstorming ideas into the software, they can be easily structured, restructured and explored in a variety of ways, which will trigger new ideas. Decision Explorer helps you to organize your thinking by capturing ideas and relationships between them, making the interdependencies explicit.

Decision Explorer key benefits

Decision Explorer helps you:

  • Develop a clear picture of an issue that shows the interrelatedness and interdependencies between different aspects of the issue, so they can be explored and debated.
  • Discover the real issues behind headline information using advanced analysis functions.
  • Maintain the richness of data by managing the complexity instead of having to use a weaker overview of the information.
  • Build feasible, practical and acceptable solutions by combining the opinions of different people and negotiating a shared understanding.
  • Maintain the focus in group meetings by reducing the need to repeat ideas, while building on and around the information already on display.

Manage complexity and release creativity

Decision Explorer uses a powerful presentation interface to create the database of relationships. Via this interface, users are able to create a multi-dimensional model that can be manipulated in different ways.

Textual reports add further depth to the information available providing a range of outputs from a straight listing of the ideas in the model through to in-depth structural analysis. The software will help you to analyze your model, enabling you to work quickly and effectively with many hundreds of concepts.

Decision Explorer key features

Decision Explorer has:

  • Easy data entry for both concepts, ideas and links.
  • User-defined styles to highlight key data and to emphasize different types of links.
  • Re-arrange maps on screen in zoomed or 100% scale to look at sections in detail or to gain an overview for layout or structural improvements.
  • Memo cards for storage of background information or data sources for instant screen reference.
  • Import-export to other applications using XML.
  • Comprehensive manuals and tutorials.
  • A proven track record as a workshop facilitation tool.

Decision Explorer is a registered trademark of Banxia Software Limited.