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Decision Explorer features

Decision Explorer® boasts a range of features designed to support the management of complex problems.

Structured conversations

Decision Explorer is more than just a mapping tool. It is designed to record and analyze structured conversations. Individual conversational threads are captured and woven together to create an organizational conversion. This conversation is then mined to tease out its "secrets".

Drawing upon decades of mathematical research in the field of graph theory, Decision Explorer is able to highlight critical issues in your organization and assist in their management.

Extensive analyses

A vast array of analyses are made available by Decision Explorer. These include:

  • Loop analysis to highlight powerful (positive or negative) dynamics in your organization.
  • Cluster analysis to identify the "strategic themes" in your organization.
  • Goal analysis to uncover organizational objectives.
  • Key issue analysis to locate the critical opportunities and challenges facing your organization.
  • Hierarchical set analysis to isolate the forces driving your organization's opportunities and challenges.
  • Potency analysis to focus your attention on the "levers" that will help your organization achieve its goals.

The analyses provided by Decision Explorer can be combined in numerous ways to support a variety of planning methodologies.

Mapping techniques

Decision Explorer is extremely flexible and has been successfully used to create and analyze:

  • Cognitive maps
  • Influence diagrams
  • Mind maps
  • Concept maps
  • Dialog maps

Proven capability

Strategy practitioners and academics around the world have been successfully using Decision Explorer to guide organizational development for over a decade.


Decision Explorer models can be exported as XML documents, allowing them be consumed by other tools that support this computer "lingua franca". Details of the document format are available on request.

Package contents

Decision Explorer is supplied with:

  • CD containing Decision Explorer software for Microsoft Windows®.
  • Printed manual.

Decision Explorer is a registered trademark of Banxia Software Limited.

Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.