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Free trial version of CoNexus

Version available July 18h 2011

This is release has a bug fix and a feature modification. CoNexus allows you to use the last saved keypad setup without rerunning the network setup. You can now edit (turn keypads on or off) that saved setup before you use it.

This version of CoNexus contains new features and some minor bug fixes.
New features include a new mode of voting called "Last Vote Final" which allows participants to change their vote until everyone has voted once.
There is also a new vote delay timer which allows a 0 to 10 second delay between the start of voting after the transition to the next topic(s). This can prevent accidental vointg after a vote is finished.
The length of choices for multiple choice votes has been increased to 75 characters.
The font size of individual choices can be changed by clicking on the choice on the multiple choice network voting screen.
You can now limit the length of the labels shown in the multiple choice graphs to make the labels easier to read.
This new version includes the latest windows 7 compatible hardware drivers for the Clikapad and Deskey systems. In addition changes have been made to the CoNexus file systems to make it more compatible with Windows 7 security defaults.

CoNexus® is free to download. This is the fully functioning version of CoNexus software. CoNexus will not receive votes from keypad systems if you do not have a security dongle.

Download the free trial of CoNexus.

CoNexus is a registered trademark of Idea Sciences, Inc.