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CoNexus screenshots

The following screenshots illustrate some of the major features of CoNexus®.


CoNexus agenda

Each of the decision-making processes supported by CoNexus is driven via a step-by-step agenda.

Keypad registration

CoNexus keypad setup

Keypads are registered electronically — no need to enter IDs manually.


Collecting demographic data using CoNexus

Demographic information can be collected from participants. This can be used to compare the perspectives of different groups without identifying the opinions of individuals.

Assumptions, challenges and opportunities

Specifying obstacles using CoNexus

Assumptions, challenges and opportunities identified during the decision-making process can be recorded to provide an audit trail — or for inclusion in a final report.

Electronic voting and data collection

Voting using CoNexus

Pairwise voting, via keypads or keyboard, is one of the numerous voting techniques supported by CoNexus.

CoNexus Opportunity Profile

CoNexus Opportunity Profile

Opportunity Profiles provide, amongst other things, an immediate assessment of "organizational health".

Consensus analysis

CoNexus consensus plot

The consensus "scatter plot" is just one of many approaches for highlighting differences of opinion.

Resource/Strategy matrix

CoNexus matrix

The matrix analysis available in CoNexus allows resources to be allocated according to the strategic requirements of the organization.


CoNexus report generator

Data (e.g. strategies, votes, etc.) and images can be exported to an internal (Microsoft Word® compatible) word processor as part of an on-going report.

Detailed help

CoNexus help

Comprehensive help system includes advice on facilitation and analysis.

CoNexus is a registered trademark of Idea Sciences, Inc.

Microsoft Word is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.