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CoNexus keypads

CoNexus® now ships with the latest CLiKAPAD™ portable voting technology. Each keypad is the size of a credit card and weighs an astonishing 1.2oz (34g)!

CLiKAPAD wireless keypad

Idea Sciences' customized keypads have colored bands running horizontally across the middle rows of keys, making them ideal for applications that involve paired comparisons (such as CoNexus).

As the radio transceiver (the box that attaches to the computer and receives the votes) now connects via a USB port, there is no need for bulky power supplies or extension leads (or even a system interface unit).

A 32 keypad system (other volumes are available) fits into a carrying case smaller than a shoe box and requires one cable!

CLiKAPAD wireless keypad system

Other supported keypad systems

CoNexus also supports the following keypad systems:

  • Reply® CRS1200
  • Reply (Worldwide)
  • ResponsePad™ (infrared)
  • CoNexus wired keypads

Idea Sciences can provide quotes for supplying CoNexus with these systems.

CoNexus is a registered trademark of Idea Sciences, Inc.

ResponsePad is a trademark of Banxia Software Limited.

CLiKAPAD is a trademark of Albert Hall Meetings Limited.

Reply is a registered trademark of Fleetwood Group, Inc.