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CoNexus features

CoNexus® boasts a range of features geared to helping you make better decisions.

CoNexus Opportunity Profile

The Opportunity Profile lies at the heart of CoNexus' more advanced organizational decision-making processes. It provides an immediate assessment of an organization's "health"

Opportunity Profile

Opportunity Profiles are comprised of two dimensions — importance and performance. Options (e.g. strategic options) are assessed against both dimensions. The importance dimension is determined using a weighted pairwise comparison process — to force essential tradeoffs to be made between (resource consuming) options.

The pattern the options form across the Opportunity Profile determines the current status of the organization. For example, horizontal patterns indicate an organization that is struggling to settle on a direction.

A organization's Opportunity Profile can be used to determine the context in which options must be implemented (e.g. appropriate leadership style, timing, employment policies).

CoNexus Matrix

The CoNexus Matrix allows resources to be aligned with organizational goals.

Decision-making matrix

Contributions made by resources to each organizational strategy are weighted by the importance of that strategy (as determined via the CoNexus Opportunity Profile). This highlights strategies that are over/under-resourced. This information can be used to reallocate resources in alignment with the overall strategic requirements of the organization.

Similarly, the value of each resource can be determined by comparing the cost of providing the resource with its weighted contribution to key organizational strategies. Resources producing negative value may need to be re-engineered.

CoNexus matrices are highly customizable, and can be tailored to address a wide range of decision-making scenarios.

Analysis capabilities

CoNexus has the following additional analysis capabilities:

  • Demographic (e.g. department, seniority, location) information can be collected for each participant and used to display results according to demographic subgroups.
  • Diversity within a group can be analyzed and represented visually to prompt discussion on assumptions and values.
  • "Current" and "ideal" CoNexus matrices can be calculated and contrasted to identify capability gaps.
  • Current assessments can be contrasted with historical results.
  • Votes can be collected over a ranges of workshops and merged to form a single group (e.g. for the purposes of analysis). This is valuable in situations where the views of individuals at multiple locations must be taken into account.

User interface features

CoNexus provides users with the following features:

  • Lists (e.g. of strategies) can be imported from, or exported to, external applications (e.g. Microsoft Word®).
  • Anonymity is preserved by ensuring that results cannot be displayed for demographic categories containing a single individual.
  • "Quick opinion" polling allows the group to be consulted on unexpected issues that arise during a workshop.
  • Participants can vote on images in situations where textual descriptions would be ineffective (e.g. design comparisons).
  • Reports can be constructed during workshops — without interrupting the flow.
  • Voting data can be exported to other applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel®) for further analysis.

Package contents

CoNexus is supplied with:

  • CD containing CoNexus software for Microsoft Windows® (including Strategist™, Meeting CoNexion™ and Customer CoNexion™ applications).
  • Wireless (radio frequency) voting keypads (number of keypads depends on package purchased).
  • USB transceiver (and cable).
  • USB security dongle.
  • 4 spiral-bound manuals, covering facilitation and system operation.
  • Custom carrying case.

CoNexus is a registered trademark of Idea Sciences, Inc.

Customer CoNexion, Meeting CoNexion and Strategist are trademarks of Idea Sciences, Inc.

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.