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Professor Nigel Howard (September 5, 1934 to April 1, 2008) — a tribute

Apr 02, 2008

It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of our colleague and friend, Professor Nigel Howard. He made a bold, innovative and sustained contribution to our understanding of the nature of modern conflicts. His view that these conflicts must be addressed through the resolution of "confrontations" — i.e. changing people's intentions — has influenced military thinking in the US and the UK. In 2005, General Sir Rupert Smith, former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (DSACEUR) of NATO, acknowledged Nigel's ideas in his seminal work The Utility of Force.

In 2007, the US Department of Defense acknowledged Nigel's tireless and unique commitment to the improvement of our nation's Command and Control capabilities by awarding him the Enduring Achievement Award.

Significantly, Nigel was able to organize his ideas as a coherent body of theory, coined Drama Theory, which resulted in the development of a framework and decision support system (Confrontation Manager™) creating the opportunity for these ideas to be utilized by a wider audience.

We will miss Nigel's enthusiasm for ideas, his boundless energy and his strong-willed spirit. Fortunately he leaves behind a legacy of ideas and a group of people committed to carrying on his work. In a world of negative thinkers he remained the eternal optimist — convinced that if the world managed confrontations wisely resolution could be accelerated.

Our hearts go out to his wife of 37 years, Moya, and his children who embody his creative spirit.

School benchmarking service launched

Mar 01, 2007

Idea Sciences has partnered with Prism Decision Systems to introduce schoolbenchmarking.com™. Users of this service can identify benchmark, or best-in-class, schools that act as models to help them:

  • set and justify aggressive improvement targets; and
  • identify the programs, strategies and practices necessary to achieve those targets.

schoolbenchmarking.com uses Frontier Analyst® to measure how well a school performs across a variety of achievement indicators versus the level of resources it consumes and/or the challenges it faces. Schools that lead the way in their ability to produce results given their resource consumption and challenges are identified as benchmark schools. Other schools are matched against customized sets of these benchmark schools, allowing the identification of best practices that suit a school's individual needs.

The service now provides customized benchmarking services to thousands of schools for the Arizona Department of Education and for The Magellen Foundation in New York.

Idea Sciences sponsors "General Sir Rupert Smith Book Forum" at The Army & Navy Club, Washington, DC

Jan 22, 2007

Idea Sciences is sponsoring a "Book Forum" at The Army & Navy Club in Washington, DC on January 25, 2007. In this forum, General Sir Rupert Smith will discuss his new book — "The Utility of Force: The Art of War in the Modern World".

For additional information, please visit http://www.utilityofforce.com.

Stakeholder Analysis facilities added to Confrontation Manager

July 20, 2006

Confrontation Manager™, the planning system that helps persuade others to want what you want, now contains Stakeholder Analysis facilities. Parties to a confrontation can be categorized according to their power, interest and attitude (positive or negative). The category that a party falls into can then be used to develop strategies for dealing with that party.

For example, parties with high, positive interest, but little power, can be organized into coalitions to increase their leverage. Conversely, powerful parties with negative interest must be disempowered or given reasons to care less about the confrontation.

The addition of Stakeholder Analysis facilities to Confrontation Manager encourages the development of long-term stakeholder management strategies.

Confrontation Manager Meeting Edition released

April 3, 2006

Idea Sciences is proud to announce the release of Confrontation Manager™ Meeting Edition. Confrontation Manager helps you to persuade others to want what you want. It is an essential tool for those trying to produce results against a complex backdrop of multiple stakeholders with (potentially) conflicting objectives.

The Meeting Edition of Confrontation Manager adds support for wireless keypads, allowing groups to participate directly in the modeling process. Consequently, time consuming and fruitless debate is minimized as views can be gauged with the press of a button. If there is disagreement, time can be spent surfacing the assumptions underlying this disagreement. Otherwise, discussion can be shifted to more problematic areas.

Idea Sciences acquires FieldSpace software license

March 14, 2006

Idea Sciences has acquired a software license for mobile document management and mobile e-learning solutions technology from Tailwind, Inc. This e-learning software has been successful in pharmaceutical clinical trials and e-learning military applications. Idea Sciences is delighted to add this capability to its suite of decision support tools as a powerful way for organizations to support employee learning in remote locations.

The e-learning technology, FieldSpace™ software, will move offline any catalog of learning needed by users who operate in a bandwidth constrained or offline environment such as on a ship or submarine or remote geographical environment. This disconnected learning solution will expedite the deployment of learning to be provided to our fighting men and women around the world. The US Navy chose to test FieldSpace because the product may meet their tracking, mobility and security requirements. This e-learning technology provides a browser-based, client-centered architecture that easily integrates into all back-end server technologies, regardless of configuration.

In addition, due to FieldSpace's encryption technology, data confidentiality is secured. The benefits of FieldSpace are relevant across all industries where the secure distribution, monitoring and tracking of sensitive data to mobile workers is required for control, tracking and compliance.

Idea Sciences becomes reseller for CLiKAPAD wireless keypad system

March 1, 2006

Idea Sciences is delighted to announce an agreement with Albert Hall Meetings Limited to resell the CLiKAPAD™ "credit-card-sized" wireless keypad system. The system is dependable, functional and easy to transport — a 20 keypad system weighs less than four pounds! CoNexus® and Confrontation Manager™ Meeting Edition already support this innovative keypad system.

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