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"Decision-making and the Role of Self-Deception" training course

Duration: 1 day

Cost: US$ 1195 per participant (includes all assessments and materials)

In this one day training course participants' focus on the role self-deception plays in the decisions they make in their work lives. Participants will discover that by changing the way we look at ourselves and our interaction with others that workplace problems appear different and the actions/decisions to address these problems may be different than first perceived.

In our work and personal lives, we spend much of our time attempting to solve problems — big ones, little ones, simple ones and the not-so-simple. But what if all the various problems that irritate and provoke us in our lives were really just "one" problem? A problem that keeps all of our energy, and that of our organizations, focused on sustaining the problem?

Research indicates that there actually is such a problem at the heart of the human sciences. It's called "self-deception", and it's a problem so deep that, until recently, only a small group of behavioral scientists even knew of its existence.

Research with organizations around the world has proven that "self-deception" in the workplace isn't simply an interesting quirk of human dynamics, but is directly tied to both individual and organizational "results". In fact "self-deception" is arguably responsible for more waste than any other single factor in the workplace. All of the common "people problems" that we typically face — relating to leadership, communication, conflict resolution, team building, and trust, among others — can be traced to "self-deception" in one form or another.

The course includes a gripping and engaging video that outlines how to identify when "self-deception" is taking place and how it negatively affects your decision-making and the decision-making of others.