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"Narrative Worshop"

Next public workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, September 22, 2011 in Alexandria, VA. Class size is limited.

Duration: 1 day

Cost: US$ 995 per participant (includes all materials)

Ever wonder why some organizations communicate stories that "stick"? Ever been involved in an organization that had a wonderful idea but was not able to communicate this big idea in a way that appealed to stakeholders? Ever find your organization reacting to news rather than framing the debate? The narrative determines how we perceive the credibility and authenticity of leaders and organizations. The concept of the narrative may be familiar, but there lacks an understanding of how this can be leveraged to achieve an organization's vision and aspirations.

Organizations in search of proven methods for creating a narrative and sustaining a narrative would benefit from this one day session. The Narrative Workshop will address the successful ingredients in a narrative and common mistakes organizations make when crafting, communicating and sustaining the narrative. Participants will map confrontations that need to be won in order to be successful in communicating their narrative and also will address what, if any, sacrifices are required personally to further the overarching narrative. Workshop participants will create a narrative, map confrontations and discover how their personal narrative aligns with the public narrative. Newly elected public sector teams and newly appointed private sector teams will benefit from this narrative strategic roadmap.

Private workshops are scheduled by phoning 703 299 3480 or emailing info@ideasciences.com.

To contact Idea Sciences about enrolling for this workshop or more information please click here