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"Innovation Management: Accelerating and Leveraging Creativity & Innovation" training course

Duration: 2 days

Cost: US$ 2195 per participant

You can't solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it.

Knowledge of what is does not open the door directly to what should be. One can have the clearest and most complete knowledge of what is, and yet not be able to deduct from that what should be the goal...

Albert Einstein

Innovation Management is an experiential hands-on course designed to help leaders increase their repertoire of creative problem-solving capabilities. Managing innovation is a combination of an art and a science. As part of the course, participants create strategies for getting an idea introduced, embraced and implemented in the workplace.

Topics focus on both personal and organizational creativity strategies as well as to how to attain tactical execution and successful implementation. This course provides an opportunity to learn new methods for mining the wisdom of a group and tapping their ability to create the future. This four day session capitalizes on over three decades of research and development in creativity expanding techniques. On-going research shows that groups actually enhance their creative production by over 200%.

Participants will learn how to use a variety of software support tools and creativity techniques. The CoNexus® software tool will demonstrate how to engage a group in creative decision-making.

CoNexus techniques and technologies incorporate high level collaborative creative thinking techniques with decision support technologies that facilitate:

  1. Rapid analysis of problem situations
  2. Anticipation of potential problems and risks
  3. Generation of a broad range of imaginative solutions

In addition, the course will provide a way to assess an organization's ability to innovate. What kind of support is required and to what degree does the current culture support innovation? Finally, what kind of innovation is critical for the success of the organization? All these factors will be addressed as participants review the key competencies required to manage innovation.

CoNexus is a registered trademark of Idea Sciences, Inc.