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"Frontier Analyst" training course

Duration: 1 day

Cost: US$ 995 per participant (the course fee includes course notes, morning and afternoon refreshments and a 500-unit 3-month trial of Frontier Analyst® Professional)

Individual and group performance and reward is a nagging problem for many organizations. Individuals wish to be rewarded for their specific contribution to the organization. However, in many cases they work in teams and team members feel, quite rightly, that they contribute to each other's success. So how do you differentiate one from the other if that is what you want to do?

Frontier Analyst helps to answer these difficult questions that managers face when considering individual and group performance and reward.

Frontier Analyst uses a technique called Frontier Analysis/data envelopment analysis (DEA) to examine and evaluate the performance (relative efficiency) of comparable organizational/business division. The idea is to use a range of measures (variables) to compare the relative efficiency of units performing similar tasks. In some quarters this process is referred to as peer group analysis or peer group comparison. Frontier Analyst Professional has been designed to present the outputs from the analysis in a form which is easy to interpret and easy to communicate to others.

The training will cover the following material:

  • the theory behind Frontier Analysis/DEA
  • illustrations/discussion of practical application of Frontier Analysis/DEA
  • hands-on sessions with Frontier Analyst Professional

The training is intended primarily for practitioners, although academic researchers may also be interested in attending. The training will not present Frontier Analysis/DEA from a highly theoretical standpoint but aims to equip manager with the tools need to perform Frontier Analysis/DEA within their own organization. This form of performance measurement is particularly suited to organizations which are made up of many "units" which perform a similar function e.g. retail outlets, bank branches, franchises, health care services, manufacturing, etc. Any manager or management consultant who works with this kind of multi-unit organization could benefit from attending this workshop.

You do not need experience using the Frontier Analyst software to be able to attend this workshop, but you do need to be familiar and comfortable with the use of Microsoft Windows® packages. We will take you through the basics of Frontier Analysis/DEA and using Frontier Analyst Professional.

Frontier Analyst is a regsitered trademark of Banxia Software Limited.

Microsoft Windows is a regsitered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.