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"Effective Meetings" training course

Duration: 1 day

Cost: US$ 1195 per participant (includes all assessments and materials)

Today's corporate environment demands that we spend a good deal of time in meetings, whether the meetings are with customers, suppliers or co-workers. Meetings are essential for exchanging information, making decisions, and coming up with new ideas. Many meetings, however, become unproductive because goals are poorly defined, processes poorly applied, and people become sidetracked by personal agendas, egos and politics. We lose sight of the larger vision and we lose a great deal of time and money as a result.

Sometimes people meet on Tuesday at 9:00am because that's what they have always done. An effective meeting is a system, with all the parts functioning together toward its common purpose. Both the parts of the meeting and the relationships among the people are important, and one of the most powerful ways to learn about effective meetings is to begin with a model.

The Meeting System Model serves as a learning aid and tool for creating more effective meetings. It consists of five parts:

  • Purpose: Why are we here?
  • People: Who is participating, what are their roles?
  • Process: How will we achieve our purpose?
  • Information: Is our information relevant, accurate and timely? Do we all have it?
  • Environment: Does the surrounding environment, both physical (meeting room, supplies, etc.) and organizational (culture and the assumptions that exist as part of the culture) support success?

The training course is experiential and uses lecture, discussion, case studies, videos, electronic voting tools and role-plays to promote learning.