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"Confrontation Manager" training course

Duration: 2 days

Cost: US$ 2295 per participant

Confrontation Manager™ helps you to convince others to want what you want. The two day course provides an overview of the science of Confrontation Management and provides an opportunity for the participants to model interactions between organizations and/or individuals. Confrontation Manager is essential for those trying to produce results against a complex backdrop of multiple stakeholders with (potentially) conflicting objectives.

Briefly, if a non-compliant party is defiant, you use Confrontation Manager to work out the threats and promises necessary to bring it into compliance — and make your threats and promises credible. Once a party appears compliant, you use Confrontation Management to work out the sanctions and rewards needed to keep it so — and apply these sanctions and rewards. In short, Confrontation Manager offers a method to rapidly document the leader's intent and to identify the viable options for changing the intent of the other party.

This training course will provide an introduction to the theory and practice of Confrontation Manager.

Key points covered in the training:

  • The theory and practice of Confrontation Management
  • The use of options boards to construct the intentions of non-compliant parties
  • Discussion of the six dilemma types
  • Hands-on session with exercises where Confrontation Manager is applied
  • Building, exploring and analyzing Confrontation Manager models
  • Discussion of personal and organizational uses of Confrontation Manager working with sample models from industry and government

Time permitting there will also be an opportunity to discuss your actual or intended use for Confrontation Manager.

Confrontation Manager is a trademark of Idea Sciences, Inc.