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"CoNexus (Operator)" training course

Duration: 1 day

Cost: US$ 795 per participant

This workshop will provide an introduction to CoNexus — the collaborative problem-solving system. CoNexus operators will learn practical applications of electronic voting and the use of the CoNexus software.

The workshop will cover all aspects of the CoNexus technology:

  • What role the CoNexus operator plays in CoNexus session
  • Technology setup
  • Operation of the hardware and software
  • Logistics of technology assisted meetings
  • Report generation
  • All voting methods possible with the CoNexus software (rating, multiple choice, matrix, pairs and binary choice)
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to support the CoNexus facilitator (CoNexus operators free facilitators to do what they do best — lead groups)

Time permitting there will also be an opportunity to discuss your actual or intended use of CoNexus. This workshop will be of value not only to those who are new to CoNexus, but also to those who have already used CoNexus, but feel that they have never really used the software to its full potential.

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