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"CoNexus" training course

Duration: 3 days

Cost: US$ 2500 per participant

Organizations must now engage in creative problem-solving to be successful in these times of turbulent, unpredictable change. Creative problem-solving methods have been integrated into CoNexus® a powerful technology that promotes innovative thinking, collaboration, and decision-making within groups.

This course will cover all three CoNexus applications and how best to use these applications in different creative problem-solving situations.

There are three CoNexus system applications:

  • Strategist™ — for group strategic planning, reengineering, redesign, and decision-making
  • Customer CoNexion™ — for determining a customer's present and emerging needs
  • Meeting CoNexion™ — for basic group polling and prioritization of options

Collaborative creativity, analysis and decisions

CoNexus techniques and technologies incorporate high-level collaborative creative thinking techniques with computer-assisted decision support technologies that facilitate:

  • Rapid analysis of problem situations
  • Anticipation of potential problems and risks
  • Generation of a broad range of imaginative solutions
  • Development of weighted decision criteria
  • Interactive decision matrix analysis for fast decision-making in changing circumstances

History of success

CoNexus methodologies have been employed in a wide variety of industries and situations where unique approaches have been required. Users have included such organizations as 3M, IBM, Herman Miller, Texas Instruments, TRW, Arthur Andersen, Coca Cola, Office of US Patents and Trademarks, General Service Administration and the Drug Control Office of the OAS.

CoNexus has been used by hundreds of leading organizations over the past two decades to solve difficult problems, promote change and develop new opportunities.

CoNexus is a registered trademark of Idea Sciences, Inc.

Customer CoNexion, Meeting CoNexion and Strategist are trademarks of Idea Sciences, Inc.