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"Career Decisions: Exploring Your Interpersonal Skills" training course

Duration: 4 days

Cost: US$ 3995 per participant (including all assessment costs)

Career Decisions: Exploring Your Interpersonal Skills gives participants an opportunity to profile their leadership preferences, explore their natural abilities, and identify leadership skills needing development. The training course is experiential and uses lecture, discussion, self-scoring instruments, case studies, videos and role-plays to promote learning.

Participants have the opportunity to receive 360° feedback on thirteen critical management skills. Content focuses on:

  1. Identifying team management skills and styles
  2. Creating a climate of enthusiasm and inclusion around shared vision
  3. Honing one's emotional intelligence
  4. Motivating others
  5. Understanding one's thinking preferences and their affect on leadership and communication
  6. Dealing with team development and effectiveness
  7. Dealing with conflict

As a prerequisite to attending the course participants are given a battery of self-scoring instruments to increase their understanding of their leadership preferences. Profiles include:

  1. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  2. The FIRO-B
  3. Thomas Killman Conflict Resolution Inventory
  4. The Team Management Linking Skills Inventory
  5. 16 PF Coaching Leadership Report
  6. Risk Management Profile
  7. Work Value Profile
  8. Team Management Profile

These eight assessments must be completed prior to attending the training.